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Note:   Fortunately, the 'MMW-Radar development in automotive applications'  workshop has received enough papers. Thus, the workshop will not receive  any new submission. Looking forward to seeing you in coming conference.


Workshop1: MMW-Radar development in automotive applications




Workshop 1

MMW-Radar development in automotive applications

Ziqiang TONG
NXP Semiconductors
Schatzbogen 7
81829, München


The ADAS sensors is getting great attention for self-driving cars. Among all of the sensors, mmW Radar plays an important role since it promising performance against the weather and less unaffected by adverse weather conditions and pollution. The purpose of the special session is to build a platform for industry and research institute.

Presentation List

Prof. Baoyong Chi, [Tsinghua University], "Circuit Techniques for CMOS Mm-Wave Radar Transceivers"

Mr. Manfred Huschka, [Taconic], "For 77/79 GHz Safety and Reliability Applications Most Reliable Laminates Are Used"

Dr. Lianying Ji, [Beijing Muniu Technology ], "Object Oriented and Imaging Oriented Automotive Radar"

Prof. Konstantin Lukin, [National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine], "Car Collision Warning Sensor Based on 2D and 3D Imaging Noise Radar"

Dr. Tianchun Wang, [NXP], "Opportunity and Challenges of the Automotive mmW Radar"

Dr. Murtaza Ali, [Uhnder], "High Contrast High Angular Resolution Imaging Radar for Automotive Applications" 

Dr. Yutao Yue, [Deep Perception Institute], "New Antenna Technologies in mmW Radar"

Mr. Xiaobo Hu, [Lei Shen Intelligent System], "LiDAR in ADAS and Autonomous Driving Applications"

Prof. Xiaoming LIU, [Anhui Normal University], "Characterization of the DK and Df Values in the MMW-radar Band"

Prof. Fujiang Lin, [University of Sci. and Tech.], "Key Techniques in CMOS mmWave Frequency Synthesizer Design"

Mr. Vencatesh S, [Cadence], "Learn How To Enhance and Innovate Your Next ADAS Radar Solution Using Advanced Vector DSPs"

Dr. Herman J. NG, [Innovations for High Performance microelectronics (IHP)], "Scalable Radar Sensor Platform with Multi-Band Transceivers  in SiGe BiCMOS Technology"

Dr. André Bourdoux, [IMEC], "Digital Modulation for Automotive Radars"

Dr. Mario Pauli, [Karlsruher Institute of Technology], "77 GHz Virtual Radar Drive – Challenges and Possibilities"

Dr. Yaoming Sun, [Citta Microelectronics], "Fan-out Packaged 77GHz SiGe Radar Chipset and 77GHz Radar System "

Dr. Hirosuke Suzuki, [KEYCOM Corporation], "Radar testing indoors – a System to Develop Autonomous Vehicles "

Mr. Ingmar van der Linden, [Rogers Corporation], "Critical Performance Requirements To High Frequency Material Laminates in 77-79 GHz Automotive Radar to Enable Next Generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems"

Important dates

Registration open date:
1 July 2018
Early registration deadline:
31 July 2018
Author registration dealine:
31 August 2018
Camera-ready Paper Submission:
30 June 2018
Extend to 10 July 2018

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