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Call for papers

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Call For Papers

Technical Programme and Scope:
        The conference will consist of several parallel sessions to provide the program with breadth and depth by plenary talks,tutorials,oral and poster presentations, and commercial exhibitions, along with some special technical sessions. Contributions are encouraged from, but not limited to, the following topics:
Radar Systems:
        Airborne Radar
        Spaceborne Radar
        Low Frequency Radar
        Naval and Coastal Surveillance Radar
        Bi-static/Multi-static/Netted Radar
        Distributed Radar/MIMO Radar
        Weather Radar
        Automotive Radar/Automatic Cruise Radar
        Ground Penetrating/Thru-wall Detection Radar
        Environment/Atmospheric/Geophysical Sensing Radar
        Bio-medical Imaging Radar
Advanced RF and Antenna Technologies:
        T/R Module Technology
        Antenna Design, Measurement and Calibration
        EBG/PBG New Material
        Ultra Wideband Antenna and System
        Adaptive and Smart Antenna Array
        Conformal Antenna Array
        Radar Receiver/Transmitter
        Frequency Synthesizer
Radar Signal and Data Processing:
        Waveform Design and Optimization
        Digital Beamforming
        Space Time Adaptive Processing
        Target Detection and Tracking
        Target Identification and Recognition
        Data Fusion and Information Fusion
        High-speed Real-time Signal Processing
        Interference Suppression and Anti-Jamming
        Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms
        Machine Learning
        Bigdata Processing in Microwave Remote Sensing
        Spaceborne/Airborne SAR
        UAV/ Mini-SAR
        Bi-static and Multi-static SAR/ISAR
        Ground-based SAR/D-InSAR
        SAR Polarimetry and Interferometry
        SAR Instrument and Calibration
        SAR/ISAR Modeling and Simulation
        Ultra Wideband SAR
        Multi-channel/Multi-frame SAR
        Video SAR
        SAR Ground Moving Target Indication/Change Detection
        SAR/ISAR Information Extraction
Target and Environment Characteristics:
        Target RCS Simulation, Measurement and Analysis
        Clutter Signature Modeling and Simulation
        Ocean/Terrain/Building Scattering Modeling and Simulation
        Ionosphere Propagation Effects
Emerging Technology:
        Laser Radar/Laser SAR
        Cloud and Rain Radar
        Geosynchronous Earth Orbit SAR/D-InSAR
        Small Satellite Technology
        Compressive Sensing Radar
        GNSS-R Sensors
        Tera-Hertz Technology
        Cognitive Radar
        Radar Vision
        Education and Remote Sensing


Important dates

Registration open date:
1 July 2018
Early registration deadline:
31 July 2018
Author registration dealine:
31 August 2018
Camera-ready Paper Submission:
30 June 2018
Extend to 10 July 2018

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